We are on the road

As a mobile notary and signing agent company, we are here to assist you in completing your Notarization needs.

our services

General Notary Services

We provide everything from Notarization for Power of Attorney documents, Wills and Trusts, depositions, medical affidavits, structured settlements, and everything in between.

To assist you in closing on any Real Estate transactions your team may need, we will travel to an agreed location to ensure a comfortable experience.  We assist in normal purchases, Home Equity Line of Credits (HELOCs), Reverse Mortgages, Refinances and more.*


Real Estate Signings

*Please note: Some Real Estate transactions may require completion in an Attorney’s office, Title Company, or Bank

Electronic webcam notary

We are pleased to announce we have become an approved Electronic Online Notary for the State of Texas via DocVerify.  You no longer need to leave your house or office for a notarization.  Late night trip fees are a thing of the past*.


* Special requirements do apply.  Feel free to contact us or visit the Texas Secretary of State for “Sample Forms for Online Notarization.”

what sets us apart

The foundation or our corporate philosophy is based on three pillars, Professionalism, Promptness, and Confidentiality. We strive to ensure that the principals involved in every transaction will be satisfied and comfortable with their experience upon conclusion through these founding pillars at TxMNT.

Location, Location, Location

TxMNT works diligently to ensure that we provide you the services you need, in the location that is easiest for you. TxMNT Notary Publics go where needed, from the baseball field of a little league game, hospital room, or boat-dock. If, for any reason, you are not comfortable at a meeting location, let us know and we will strive to find a more accommodating location.

confidentiality & quality control

TxNNT require each Notary Public to safeguard and secure all confidential information for all parties and principals involved. Each Notary Public is trained and required to triple check all documents, signatures, and instructions throughout the Notary process. From reading the instructions received multiple times, getting clarification on requirements, and checking to ensure all documents are completed, TxMNT Notary Publics strive to ensure that there is no additional requirements to return for any corrections.

Additional services

We endeavor to assist you, your family and/or company with any additional services we can related to any Notarization services required. From printing, scanning, emailing, booking a location for any Notarial Acts, and providing witnesses, we are here to help make your experience as accomodating as possible.

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