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If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn more about Texas Mobile Notary Team and its beginings.


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Our story

Texas Mobile Notary Team (TxMNT) was started as a fluke after a home purchase experience was completed in a Denny’s in Tomball, a small Texas town.  For years, that experience replayed in the Culver’s heads as they bought and sold numerous homes and properties, but none that were again as comfortable as the related experience in that Denny’s. 

After over ten years of notarial, legal, and contract negotiation experience, the Culver’s decided to provide the same comfortable and related experience they experienced, expanding it to a diverse Notary services.  Initially gathering a few Notaries, Signing Agents, and others wanting desiring additional income, the Culver’s expanded and were able to provide their services in the surrounding counties around Harris County, TX.  

With the additional passage of H. B. No. 1217 TxMNT has been able to expand further into other states, as we can now provide Notarization via online services.

Since then, TxMNT has expanded and now has Customers and Notaries throughout the country.  Our Notaries range from novice, starting their profession, to Corporate legal professionals with over 30+ years of notarial, signing agent, paralegal, legal secretarial, and contract management/negotiation experience.  We will go where requested!  From the ball field, the lake, airport, or beach, we have met clients at some unusual places.

Meet the Management Team

To learn more on each of the founding team members check out their Bios:

Erika B. Culver, CEO

Erika Culver is the CEO, lead Notary Public and Online Notary Public for Texas Mobile Notary Team. A corporate professional with over 20+ years of experience. As a daughter, wife, and mother she is constantly on the go. Her passion is her family and giving back to the community. She believes in hard work, dedication, and that a person is only as good as their word.

Dave R. Culver, COO

As the COO of Texas Mobile Notary Team, parent of 2 crazy dogs and proud father of an avid golfer, Dave Culver is busy running from the office, to school activities, and the golf course. Coming from the oilfield industry Dave knows what long days and sleepless nights are like. He traded in his hard-hat for a position as the MVP holding the Culver's and the company together. Dave manages the day-to-day activities of the business, organizing the management teams schedules and attempts Erika and Gabbie somewhat sane with his sense of humor.

Gabbie A. Culver, CMO

Between going to school full time and playing competitive golf, Gabbie Culver handles the Marketing and Social Media for Texas Mobile Notary Team. She has an amazing talent for branding and getting the company noticed. Although she is in the background, Gabbie is integral in the progress and expansion of Texas Mobile Notary Team in such a short time.

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